Projects Completed

2013 North American Palladium Offset Zone Project, Rubicon Minerals Phoenix Gold Project. Installation of various components in the head frame at NAP including structural steel, ore bins, rock box, scroll plates, arch gates, brattice, ore skips, hoist ropes, and relocating sheaves and sheave pedestals transitioning form shaft sinking phase to production phase. Fogolin Fabrications Inc. expanded into underground service work at NAP installing the ore and waste loading pocket, structural steel, measuring bins, load cells, rock gates, diversion chutes, spill pocket, safety bulkhead, overhead crane, apron feeder, crusher, demolition of shaft sinking work decks and platforms, numerous structural steel walkways, stairs, handrails, and provided expert skillset in rigging of underground components allowing NAP to meet there deadlines. At the Rubicon Minerals Phoenix Gold Project our company was involved with construction consulting, quality control, demolition of existing structures, installation of interior cladding to the new mill building, offloading modules, and repair and rework existing tanks and structural members vital to the projects construction.

2010-2012 North American Palladium Offset Zone Expansion. On site fabrication and installation of structural steel for new mine dry. Fabrication and installation of complete HVAC system for mine dry and hoist house. Installation of underground mine ventilation system. Removal and salvage of ball mills from old mill.
Miscellaneous stairs, platforms and handrails for hoist house, head frame and mine dry.

2007-2008 Access Pipeline Tank Farm Redwater Alberta. Fabrication and installation of a 50’dia X 60’H fire protection water storage tank constructed to API 650 Standards, complete with access platforms, ladders, handrail, fully insulated and cladded.

1999-2007 General mill maintenance work at Great West Timber and Northern Wood Preservers servicing kilns saw mills, planner mills, wood chip storage bins, blow lines, dust collection, and miscellaneous conveyors, walkways, platforms, stairs and handrail.

2006-2007 Sapawe Forest Products Saw Mill Expansion. Fabrication and installation of structural steel, structural steel galleries and conveyor systems. Demolition of old saw mill building and equipment. Erection of new building over existing sawmill during operation keeping the mill up and running during renovations.

2005-2006 Long Lake Forest Products Kiln Expansion. Fabrication and installation of 30’ dia X 60’H saw dust storage tank, platforms, access ladders, structural steel, handrail, 8”- 48” dust collection duct, and cyclones.

2004-2005 Bowater Saw Mill Expansion. Installation of Salton Kiln hot oil boiler and precipitator. Installation of chain conveyors, screw conveyors and hot oil piping to kilns.

2002-2003 Northern Wood Preservers Saw Mill Expansion. Fabrication of structural steel for mechanical equipment. Fabrication and installation of log decks, conveyors, and bark collection chutes. Installation of chip separation shakers, 10” blow line, dust collection systems, chip storage bins and wood planner.

2001-2002 Dubreuilville Forest Products sawmill expansion. Fabrication and installation of 10” wood chip blow line, 8”- 48” dust collection duct, and cyclones for dust collection systems. Fabrication of structural steel and miscellaneous metals.

1999-2000 Great West Timber Planner Mill Expansion. Fabrication and installation of structural steel members for mechanical equipment. Installation of planners, conveyors, wood chip separation shakers, 10” wood chip blow line, 8”- 48” dust collection duct, cyclones, dust collection fans, and various other machines and equipment involved in the lumber planning process.